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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lake Geneva Winterfest Warm-Up

This weekend Lake Geneva is hosting their annual Winterfest.  It is running through the 13th, but I"d get out there quick because today's high is 39F, not really conducive to keeping snow from melting, but great for walking around down by the lake.

I swung over yesterday just before dark after work and got an eyeful of the artists at work...and their inspirational mascots.

It was hard to pick favorites, but here are the three I liked the best.   All of the entrants had sketches they were working from and some of them had clay models nearby also.

It got me in the mood for more sculpture, but that's hard to find in Wisconsin so maybe I'll look into adding sculpture competitions to my travel goals.  With the weather we have forecasted today I'm going to get out somewhere and see something!  Silly Wayne headed up to Brainerd, Minnesota for an ice fishing competition and he's ice fishing again next weekend for his annual trip with his buddies in northern Wisconsin.

What else is happening in Wisconsin besides snow and ice sculpting competitions and ice fishing?  Not much, I searched the Travel Wisconsin events calendar but our wintry weather doesn't lend itself to much else I guess.  I did find a few things I want to maybe check out later this spring through!