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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Midwest at Her Best

Wondering when to visit the Midwest?  My favorite time here is early June when the daytime temperatures are warm, the nights are comfortably cool and the mosquitoes and humidity don't yet rule the summer.

I've been taking evening walks close to home, enjoying these days before I start fleeing the oppressive heat and traveling north with my tent.

I don't know if it's a coincidence or just good luck but I haven't even encountered any ticks yet!

I've been busy with work, family, doctor appointments and the never ending battle with housework and laundry.  When I pull myself away from those things and venture outdoors I'm always glad I took the time for myself and have discovered a way to find balance physically and mentally.

When I drove over to Glacial Park just over the state line in Illinois the other night I got lots of exercise circling the fields and climbing the kames...

Nighttime was on its way, rain was rolling in, so I broke into a light run for the last mile, loving the feel of the brisk breeze on my legs as I ran past the swaying grass.

Wayne is working double shifts this weekend so I'll be heading north to do some camping and knock a new segment off my Ice Age Trail list.  Hopefully I'll be able to add listening to the coyotes sing to my list of things I've been lucky enough to enjoy this week!


  1. Those are some great shots of Glacial park. You're a good ambassador for your area.

  2. We're in Pennsylvania now (did you see our Ohio posts?), and the storms and rain have followed us, or we haven't been able to drive out of them. Looks like we're finally in the clear -- yeehaw! We haven't enjoyed the muggy conditions. Have fun on the IAT. Love the pics.