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Sunday, March 12, 2017

North to South and North Again

Been wondering where I've been these past weeks?  From Sturgeon Bay I had sales calls to make in Manitowoc and Sheboygan, old favorites of mine to visit.

downtown Manitowoc

And since the weather was a bit warmer than usual my mother and I even took a five minute walk down on Point Beach in Two Rivers.

Look! Sun!

I was home for a few days and then it was on to a different part of the state - I left on a Sunday afternoon and drove 4 hours north to the Wausau area, where I drove from Medford to Marshfield to Stevens Point and quite a few stops in offices in Wausau itself.

Taylor County Courthouse, Medford

I've shown a lot of glasses, including to a few patients who happened to be around and wanted to see what I had to offer.

I don't think a new pair of glasses will improve her "look"

My parents showed up on my last day in Wausau and my mother went with me north to Merrill where we stopped for a fantastic lunch at the Checkered Churn.  They make their own fresh buns every day that they serve their sandwiches on.  The menu is small, but tastes are large and satisfying so bring an appetite!

best tuna sandwich and chicken noodle soup ever

The weather was a bit hazardous so I saved visiting the courthouse for my return in early summer.

My parents stayed behind in Wausau to wait out the snowstorm, but I braved the roads and headed back south.

I finally found the time to pick out a new pair of frames for myself, but haven't gotten the frames from the company yet, much less the lenses unfortunately.  Back in the southern part of the state I've driven from Kenosha to Racine to Wauwatosa to Menomonee Falls.  I'll know this state like the back of my hand before the daffodils bloom.

Seeing Eye Dog?

I'm on the road for a few days overnight again, and my mother came with me again too.  We left a day early to get ahead of a snowstorm in the southern part of the state and will be spending a quiet day in Appleton just north of the nasty weather before the round of appointments begin again on Tuesday morning.

On the job

Now that I'm getting better organized and half of my accounts have been contacted I expect I'll start having some time to enjoy my travels a bit more.  I may have been missing for a few weeks but you haven't seen the last of me yet!

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  1. I forgot your new job entailed traveling, hope it's working out OK for you. I like the recycled sculpture. Spring looks like it is slow in coming