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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Moose in the UP?

I've been in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a few times for work.  I've seen moose out in broad daylight even.

If you're looking for moose in the UP you most likely won't see any on the eastern counties.  Moose are native to the area but had to be re-introduced from Canada back in the 1980's.  Their numbers have rebounded dramatically in the western region but most folks visit Mackinac Island, Sault Ste. Marie and Munising and will not be likely to come across them as there are only about 100 animals spread over a large sparsely populated area.

Of course that doesn't keep the tourism industry from trying to make it profitable for themselves.

In Escanaba the only wildlife I saw were pigeons hanging out on the marquee.

And a few ships whose sailing days appear to be over can be found as well.

I walked around the barricade at Little Bay de Noc Campground in the Hiawatha National Forest near Rapid River a few weeks back since it wasn't open yet for the season.  It has 36 single and 2 group sites, picnic area, swimming beach, 3 hiking trails and boat launch and most of them back up to the Bayshore Trail which runs along the Bay de Noc as its name promises.

I startled a few birds and squirrels who aren't used to humans in their territory yet, but the woodpecker was quite unconcerned with my presence and went about his business.  The campground is primitive but most of the campsites are large enough for big rigs so I would love to come back for a night or two with Wayne, but not during the height of bug season which can be fierce in the UP.

In nearby Gladstone I discovered the Gladstone Bay campground which looks to be run by the city and would do in a pinch but it looks like everyone is most likely lined up like sardines in a can on the grass.  Just down the road is VanCleve Park which boasts a new lighthouse, a skate park, a beach and many other family friendly amenities.  So early in the spring I had it all to myself...except for a cormorant or two.

Cory and I are off to Ontario for a family visit and then we're turning around and scooting back to the UP on Memorial Day to meet up with Wayne and the camper.  We're heading to the western side so I can see a few accounts and we can see some new places.  And just maybe we'll see some moose, who knows?


  1. I like the Moose you showed at UP, looks like they are the only wildlife you can see there

  2. Yay for moose! Just don't let them chase you, it's scary :)