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Monday, February 11, 2019


Last post from our recent trip to Kentucky...I think.

There were a few cool murals in Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville which is named for the butchers and stockyards originally located in the area. When a creek was rerouted it became a good place for the animal remains to be dumped in the creek and such businesses were banned in the downtown area for sanitation reasons. Um, yeah.

Bubble lights on the chandelier - genius!

Now the area is filled with chic shops and the only livestock I spotted was the painting of a giraffe... and maybe a few painted cows and chickens.  But Katrina and I have a thing for giraffes so it gets to be the star.

On a recommendation from the sales clerk we ate at Butchertown Pizza Hall where All cultures, races, genders, religions and people are welcome.  But not giraffes.  Only cows and chickens inside were cooked and served on a plate.

My plate came with a slice of cheese and arugula pizza.  It was so good that I've had this at home twice since then!

Across the street another mural telling the story of Butchertown's history from past to present.


  1. The first of your photos looks like the artist was channeling Alphonse Mucha, or maybe one of his 1960s imitators. Very nostalgic! And that's a nice giraffe.

    best... mae at

  2. Both murals are fabulous Pam, thanks for participating.
    Love the sign at the restaurant door and the I like giraffes too, such cute animals.

  3. Love the murals! Thanks for sharing. I made my first sculptural giraffe recently. May make a bigger one sometime.