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Monday, October 7, 2019

Champney's West Aquarium

On that overnight trip to Elliston with my cousin this summer we made a stop at the Champney's West Aquarium on our way back home.

 It's a small one, but with a really nice touch tank!

Live sand dollar
The volunteers were knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  We learned a lot about sea stars, including that they could have up to 15 arms through most of course have 5.  See the one on the right?  With its many legs it is known as the sun star or sunflower star.

We were very fascinated by the sea peach in the center of the above photo.  See the two siphons on the sea peach?  One is for taking in food and water, and the other is for expelling waste. 

There was quite the variety of crabs, one of Cory's favorites, so I just may have to bring him back there someday.

Champney's West Aquarium is located in Port Rexton five minutes off Route 230 which is the main road going out to Bonavista. The drive may have been short, but the views were stunning.  AND the trailhead for the Fox Island Hiking Trail is right there also.  You know I'm checking that out next time I'm in the area, it's only 5.5 km so should be easy to knock out before or after lunch!

If you're looking for something a little more adult there is a new craft brewery called Port Rexton Brewing that Katrina wants to check out on a future visit. I'll drop her and Charlie off there while I go hiking maybe? They don't have to drive then and can try all the beer they want!

Like a good corny kid joke?  Here's another: Why did the octopus cross the road?
 To get to the other tide!

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