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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Union Mine Interpretive Trail

Our first morning in the Porcupine Mountains we decided to start out easy.  After a quick trip into the visitor center we chose the Union Mine Interpretive Trail for a hike. After four days of hiking in the park, this was my favorite trail. Short, but sweet!

It wasn't copper that first brought the Europeans to the Porcupine Mountains in the 1700's, but the fur trade. The first copper mining effort in the Porkies wasn't until 1845.  The first efforts didn't prove to be very profitable, and in 1864 the mine was sold to a Detroit businessman.

Four more shafts were sunk, one up to 400 feet deep, and a steam powered stamping mill used for crushing ore was brought in. Most of the shafts are caved in and not visible, but the trail was beautiful and for a short mile it packed a lot of punch.


  1. I have loved these posts from the UP. We spent a week there during summer trip 2001 and that wasn't nearly long enough. We did very little hiking and I'd love to go back just to hike.

  2. I love visiting old mine sites. Always lots of history to be found.

  3. You find the most interesting places to go. When I get back in that area, I'll just follow your route.

  4. So funny you say that, Barbara, I feel the same way about the places you go! I can't wait to get out west list of places to go is LONG!