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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Historic Mayville

In Mayville there is a museum in an old carriage factory that I thought we should take a look at while we were just a few miles away on Sunday past.  I was hoping that meant it was full of carriages...but it was an eclectic mix of donated items from area residents.  As museums go it wasn't very exciting, but it had a few items we found interesting, and you couldn't argue with free admission!


printing press

Mayville was originally settled in the mid 1800's by German immigrants, and of course the native American Potawotami, Fox and Ho-Chunk tribes. Wayne enjoyed the collection of insulators, having once collected them himself.  I downsized when we moved from the farm, those things are heavy to pack and move, and they certainly would have no place in an RV when we retire!

We donated five dollars on our way out, and stopped into the old Brunke Cigar Factory from the late 1800's also on site to see what they had on display.  The cigar rolling equipment was kind of neat, but my favorite thing was Mayville's first TV.

The size of the screen was barely larger than my hand.  Can you imagine watching TV on that thing?  And the picture reception was awful on top of being so small!  Happy to be around in the twenty-first century when it comes to entertainment options.  Speaking of entertainment, Mayville hosts "Audubon Days" the first weekend in October and one of the events is bed races.  Cool!

Even though I'll be out of commission due to my surgery tomorrow I have a few posts in reserve and if I'm able to type in a few weeks I'll start getting to some posts about our wanderings in Wyoming in 2009.  I've been behind in reading everyone else's posts, but it seems like posting in general has been fairly light so I assume everyone is out enjoying their summer travels and lots of details are soon to come.


  1. What great place to look round. Good luck with the surgery hope your back soon.

  2. Love the insulator collection. Very pretty colors! Good luck with tomorrow's surgery. Here's to a speedy recovery.

  3. I like your comment "As museums go it wasn't very exciting". Yes I can only say one type of museum I ever got excited. I sometimes get interested, amazed, fascinated or overwhelmed but never really excited unless it is an old motorcycle museum then you will find me all giddy. Good luck on your surgery. Hope it isn't too serious or demanding.

  4. I had to chuckle at your comment about watching TV on that tiny screen. Think of all the people today who watch TV, movies, sports, etc. on the tiny screen on their phones! Seems we've come full circle.

    1. As one who doesn't have a smart phone or anything else electronic from the past decade I didn't even think of that!