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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kohler Design Center

Whether you have a bathroom to design or not, if you're in the Sheboygan area, make sure to visit the Kohler Design Center in the village of Kohler.

Couches made out of bathtubs in the reception area, how cool is that?
Pick a color, any color

It's not just commodes though.  The basement houses a museum about the history of the Kohler Company, which began with the making of farm implements in the 1870's when John Michael purchased the company from his father-in-law. In the 1880's they enameled a hog trough and marketed it as a bathtub. They also produced decorative ironwork.

By the early 1900's they marketed the first one piece bathtub and were making faucets and other brass items.  They also made engines for ships and other electrical items.

In support of World War II, Kohler converted much of its production line to making torpedo tubes and other military components.  Plumbing fixtures and generators were manufactured only for war housing, war industries, hospitals and other military uses.

Also in the museum is a section of art, not all of it related to the business of plumbing, but I liked the lady in the bathtub.

When you're done checking out the downstairs and the first floor, head upstairs where there are quite a few bath & kitchen suites completely finished out to get your imagination working on planning your dream room.  Click on them to see them bigger!

Beautiful tub, but does not look very comfy
Selfie alert!
Water from the ceiling? Why?
A cleaning nightmare

I don't think this is the kind of pedestal most works of art aspire to, but it's not like he was sculpted by Michaelangelo.  There's other stuff in Kohler, too.  When you're done at the Design Center you can get a mocha or some treats at Le Craverie or stop into The American Club.  I'll tell you about that soon!

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  1. Now that's someplace we have actually been! I agree it was a unique experience.