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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Flatter Soles Here in Sheboygan

My mom and I met up in Mequon yesterday just north of Milwaukee to stop in at In Step and get her fitted up for some sneakers for the gym.  Of course I had to buy a pair too.  I've been having trouble with my sesamoids for about a year now and I got a pair of Brooks Glycerin that felt better immediately.  As soon as I put my Asics Nimbus on I instantly felt the sesamoids "digging" into the footbed, even without standing up in them.  A great store with multiple locations in the Milwaukee area, In Step even has an on site physical therapy office in the same building.

Our helper, Ryan, said a flatter sole without an upward curve would help my problem, as well as the accompanying issue I'm having feeling my toes too much when I "toe off".  I'm consciously trying not to push off with my toes yet I still feel like the toe bones are banging and digging into the ground even though I'm wearing the new version of a shoe that previously worked well for me. I don't run that much any more, just some intervals on the treadmill to keep my heart rate up, but I certainly have to keep my feet injury-free for hiking season, and maybe with my new shoes I'll be able to run more again.  

I also looked at the new Saucony Triumph and found them to be excellent as well with a roomy toebox but good structure across the top of my foot but they didn't have a color in stock that I liked so I went with the Brooks.  Ironically, my mother went with the Asics Nimbus, which she says feel like walking on clouds.  It's a good shoe, I've been wearing that model for a few years in at least 3 different colors, but she picked up a "special edition" color that'll knock your socks off!

After that it was less than an hour to get to our 2 bedroom rental house in Sheboygan.  It's in an older neighborhood along the lake, but updated well and you really can't beat the view!  A pretty good bargain at $92 night, which of course goes up to $135 come May.

Lake Michigan

The only downside to the property is there is just one rather small TV with only local channels and no wifi, so I'm at Starbucks.  I looked into adding data and turning my cell phone in to a wifi hotspot but the guy at Verizon told me on the phone that I could end up using $20 or more in data just in one 2 hour session.  Yikes!  I think I'll spend $5 on a mocha instead until those prices come down.  Does this information seem to make sense to anyone else who uses their phone as a hotspot?

We had just enough time after unloading all our gear from our cars to head over to Kohler Andrae State Park for a quick look.  I wanted to see what condition the roads and paths were in during winter.  I'm hoping we can drive over there for a walk before we leave.  It looks like the winter storm is pushing a bit farther south than they had originally anticipated so we should only get 1-3 inches instead of 3-5 inches this morning.

You know the deer behinds had to come at THE END, right? Aren't they pretty in their winter coats?


  1. They are some nice boots and as my dad always said you will have ease on your feet. Like the ones at the top best. Never used a phone for a hotspot but we did have a dongle for a while, that miht be worth looking at.

  2. We own a Verizon Jetpack Mifi, which enables us to access internet from pretty much anywhere, and it isn't too expensive. Check into it.

    Love your Mom's new shoes. The Brooks Glycerin are running shoes? Trail shoes? They look comfy, as well. I'm in the market ... I've about worn out my old Asics.

    What in the world are you doing renting a house in Sheboygan in winter?