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Friday, March 6, 2015

Wisconsin Artists - Eye of the Beholder

Art is most definitely in the eye of the beholder.  What is pleasing to your eye? Is it the quirky roadside mailboxes we found as we drove to West Bend yesterday?

Or maybe a theatre sign that brings back images of a time past?

If you're into labeling art in a more strict way then you can visit the Museum of Wisconsin Artists in West Bend...though we found it to be small, very expensive at $12 each and nowhere near as engaging as the JMKAC in Sheboygan.

gallery featuring works by Carl Van Marr, native of Milwaukee

one of the few exhibits that wasn't a painting...
but the artists were from Iowa and Minnesota!

Tom Uttech, born in small town of Merrill

Always the odd one, my favorite piece was the model of the "Zephyr Land Yacht" from 1936 by Milwaukee native Brooks Stevens.

Artist Ted Milano Conde is not a Wisconsin native but his home studio was in West Bend and he was a Park Artist for Milwaukee County.  Just before his death he painted this mural in their new County Courthouse.  The materials were generously donated as well as the artists' time and it cost the taxpayers nothing.

West Bend in the 1950's featuring the Old Courthouse...more on that next week maybe

Or perhaps you favor a little street art?  Keep your eyes open and who knows what you will find!


  1. Interesting little museum. It is so much traveling around and see "art" in many forms. Yes. I agree, a lot of art is in the eye of the beholder:)

  2. OK the first Mailbox was my favorite though I liked some of the art as well

  3. Wonder why Woodie Guthrie on the no trespassing sign. Weird.