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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nada Tunnel Ice Curtains

I saw the sign for the Nada Tunnel when Cory and I were on our way in to Stanton for supplies and we made a quick dart over to check it out.  The narrow 900 foot long tunnel was originally built for the railroad to bring out timber in the early 1900's.

The tunnel was really cool but is only 12 feet wide and 13 feet high so don't plan on bringing your RV or large truck through it.  So much water was running down the one entrance that it was almost like passing through a waterfall.  The view into the Red River Gorge was simply stunning when we came out the other side.  Imagine this spot in the fall!

Of course it turns out that there are some basic petroglyphs nearby so when I come back next time I will have to hunt those down.  Not the best weather for wandering around beneath the sandstone rock shelters looking for markings, might get taken out by a giant icicle!

Here is a video of our trip back through, note the big chunk of rock on the right hand side as we approach the other end of the tunnel.  Glad one of those rocks or icicles didn't fall on the roof of my car!

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  1. Dont' think I'd like to check this out in that kind of weather but I sure would when it's green out. You are intrepid for sure!