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Friday, January 29, 2016

Return to Angel Windows

Cory just is not into hiking, but I did get him out of the car to walk the quarter mile down to Angel Windows.  The snow made things much different than when Sharon and I walked to them a little over a year ago.

There was a downed tree across the trail that we had to decide how we wanted to tackle.  I figured it would be better if we just braced ourselves between it and the cliff, and I think it turned out to be safer than trying to go over it on the trail and possibly fall off the side of the snow drop-off.  Just one girl's opinion.  Cory eventually got over the fact that I took his picture...I think.

And hey, I'm wearing the same orange jacket that I had on the last time I was here!  This time I was the one goofing around in the "window" while someone else took the picture.  Cory said, "Mom, you are so weird."  Or something like that.  I'm so weird I forgot his exact choice of words.

I'm also so weird that I wanted to freeze the moment when the sun shone down on the trail and everything was sparkling and the air was so fresh and clean.  The picture below is the best I could do, and it's a pretty good way to momentarily recapture the feel of the winter sun as we crunched through the snow while the water dripped off the sandstone...

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  1. Love that you had that orange jacket on for the photo in the it!!