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Friday, March 4, 2016

Truth, Justice, the American Way - and Voting

On my recent jaunt to southern Illinois I stopped in the small town of Metropolis near the Kentucky border.  There was a guy I wanted to see.

The town's Superman museum seems more gift shop than anything.  I was content with peeking in the windows and admiring the attention to detail on the outside.

Who doesn't love a guy in tights, am I right?

Speaking of the American Way, Katrina sent me a link for a great election related video.  This one is just funny and I can't help it if I was born in Canada and therefore view it with a smidge of pride.

If you like that one, you'll love John Oliver's take on Voting Laws.  Gotta love when Wisconsin's legislative idiocy makes national news.  It's so embarrassing sometimes to admit it's my home state!

And feel free to ignore this if it offends, but may I suggest that in general people should keep their political opinions to themselves when out and about talking to near strangers?  I have a few very conservative patients who come in to the office and every time I see them they complain about how thanks to "Obamacare" their insurance premiums went up.  One gentleman in particular complained at length about that last year but then came in today to complain about the Democratic presidential candidates (why when he's not going to vote democratic??) going so far as to show me political cartoons on his smartphone.  This guy lives in a neighborhood where he just built a new $350,000 house for his 6 adopted kids and then today bragged about how they all just spent the last month on the beach in St. John.  How does he not realize that the ladies behind the desk probably make a hell of a lot less money than he does and do not feel sorry for him that his insurance rates went up?  Obviously it didn't hurt his lifestyle and other people who never had insurance can now go to the doctor.   Vote how you like, think what you like, but don't rub your privilege in the little guy's face and then expect them to be converted to your agenda, if anything all that is being accomplished is that he is making a good case for the middle class to vote Democrat!

Rant over, peace to all, even the privileged!!


  1. Love the vid about Canada! And yes, I agree with you on those privileged whiners....if it wasn't for Obamacare my son, who has a chronic condition that requires expensive medicine, would not have been able to get health insurance.

    1. This is what I always try to explain to the complainers. Not everyone was "adversely affected", the general idea is to get insurance and care to those who need it. Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  2. We went through Metropolis in late February last year during a record snow storm and the man of steel of was covered in snow (and the town pretty much shut down).

  3. Methinks it depends on the guy in tights, know what I mean?