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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wife Without Chocolate Socks

Okay, now that you're done scratching your head over the post title I will explain.  I was sending a text using the talk feature to my daughter and it was supposed to say "life without chocolate sucks".

Now that you're done laughing, let me emphasize life without chocolate sucks!  Though there are worse things to not have in my life such as food, air, water, sunshine, sleep, good vision... you get the idea here, chocolate is my vice of choice and I've been deep in the throes of full-out sugar addiction for the past year now so I've got my fingernails dug into my palms and I'm riding the cold-turkey-sugar-withdrawal dragon today.

Phase 1 of ridding myself of those extra pounds was forcing myself off the couch, Phase 2 is taming the sugar dragon.  We'll get to the calorie counting of Phase 3 when the first two are not such a bumpy ride anymore.  In the meantime I have kittens and shopping to keep me distracted.

New Smartwool non-chocolate socks courtesy of Sierra Trading Post
New Keens courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Shopping for the kitties has included their new leashes and kitty jackets.  They have not been converted to loving the outdoors as much as I do yet.  They like hiding under the bushes and slinking back to the front door on their bellies mostly.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that they'll be ready for a roadtrip to North Carolina by the middle of May, but if they're not I'm sure we'll find someone who would love to be entertained by them while we are gone!


  1. Tried to watch the video, but it says it's private? Dark chocolate is my choice.

    1. I fixed the video, everyone enjoy!

  2. Chocolate socks sound good - the chocolate could be absorbed by our feet, leaving out all the calories.

  3. Yup, video didn't work for me, either. Love the blog title! I need to quit eating sweets at night ... they're all landing where they are most unattractive! I feel your pain....

  4. I'm sorry but I consider chocolate one of the four food groups. It's essential for my mental health! :)