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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sampling the West Bend area of the Ice Age Trail

Not much time to talk today, but I thought I'd share a quick overview of the West Bend segment of the Ice Age trail which I started exploring earlier this week.

From Hwy 45 North take the Paradise Drive exit to the trailhead parking lot where the segment starts.  There are a few spur trails to local parks and to the Girl Scout camp off the segment so watch the signs.

There were also volunteers cutting roots out of the trail, I always like having tripping hazards removed.

Southern Wisconsin is experiencing a very dry summer which is great because it hasn't been humid, but the flowers don't like it so much.  West Bend has gotten more rain than we have but it is still pretty dry.

The pretty little Shinleaf blossoms under the shady canopy seemed to be doing pretty well!

Where the trail crosses Ridge Run County Park there was a nice wetland area, and the park itself seemed really nice for family picnics and play areas.

Of course a road connect sign just sends me back to my car.

Mostly the trail is pretty flat but there are a few uphill esker climbs to keep it interesting.

And plenty of squirrel, birds, chipmunks, rabbits and deer to keep you company!

Not much photography the past few weeks because my camera bag was stolen out of my car in my driveway.  Too trusting leaving it unlocked while I go back and forth to the house I guess.  Getting good at keeping it locked now.  Over $3000,00 worth of equipment gone, but the insurance company is cutting a check so I will soon be shopping for replacements.  More from Wisconsin soon!


  1. Nice to see you're out hiking again. Bummer about your camera equipment though. Hope the insurance $$ is enough to outfit you again.

  2. So sorry to hear about your camera equipment:( Who would think that something would be stolen right from their driveway.

  3. Good grief, how unkind! Hope you get fixed up again soon. (We're heading for the UP in a couple of days.)