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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Creative Pains

My wrist and hand were feeling so great yesterday that I spent the day creating this year's Christmas cards.

I took breaks, but I figure I made about 20 of them and spent 4 or 5 hours over the course of the day cutting, pasting, and shuffling paper.

I haven't felt the creative energy like that all year, but by the time I cleaned it all up just before bedtime I was exhausted and all I wanted was an ice pack and some Ibuprofen.

Today I woke up to renewed stiffness and some minor shooting pains at the base of my thumb so it was back to watching Netflix most of the day. Even though the thermometer didn't reach 40F I took little Miss Jewel with me to mail all those cards at the Post Office and get a break from the couch.

After our visit to the Post Office we drove down to the lake but all the frogs and birds and insects have departed for the next five months.  I wonder what the cats think of the sudden quiet and frosty breezes in our neighborhood?


  1. The cards are so pretty:) Your creative juices were really flowing...great job!

  2. Cute cards! Glad your hand is feeling good enough to work on them.

    1. Believe it or not shortly after I posted this I fell on the stairs bringing up a load of laundry and put out my hand automatically landing with my full weight right on the incision. You should have heard the screaming!