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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Everything is Tickety-Boo? Totally Disco?

Recently I watched the British TV show "Luther" on Netflix and he commented "Everything is tickety-boo.  Totally disco."  Now I did not know what that meant so I looked it up.  It's a song from the 1958 movie "Merry Andrew" starring Danny Kaye which I mean to add to my must watch list based on the music video.  I might be more likely to incorporate the phrase "totally disco" into my personal lexicon though since a decade ago I used "groovy" with annoying frequency.

Love the optimism in the clip and the carefree enthusiasm he is showing!  I've been out of the loop with blogging and hiking recently due to a number of things, but one of those is the problems I've been having with carpal tunnel.  Since I was just about to hit my out-of-pocket limit for the year under our insurance I scheduled my first surgery which I had done the day after Thanksgiving.

My doctor was highly recommended and I had the procedure done pain-free and under local anesthesia only.  Very weird to feel them retract after the incision by the tugging sensation but to not actually feel anything they were doing!  I was in and out of the operating area in about 15 minutes and 10 minutes after that my mother and I were out the door and off to breakfast and shopping.

Yes, we went shopping at Mayfair Mall which was just across the street on Black Friday.  I don't say we got a lot accomplished though except for hitting the Apple store when there was no line and finally getting her upgraded to a smartphone.  I crashed at the end of the long day and slept for 12 hours, however post surgery pain has been easily managed by ibuprofen - the Tylenol 3 they prescribed seemed to be fairly useless.

Day 5 - free at last!

Surgery was on Friday morning and now on Tuesday morning the bandage is off and here I sit typing at my normal speed with both hands.  Not everything is that easy, I tried to put a sweater on a hangar and whatever movement I made the pain was shocking though brief.  So, still some healing to do and I will ease into it.  For the most part though everything is Tickety-Boo.


I also got the tree decorated yesterday much to the delight of our young cats.  Totally Disco!


  1. Looks like you are bouncing back nicely from your surgery. Hands must be quicker to heal than feet!

  2. Wondered what happened to you. Glad your recovering well least you have not been laid up with the nasty bug I had for a few days. Love the inquisitive cat