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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wimpy and WaterWorks

Spring is here to stay, and even the fountain in downtown Lake Geneva is turned back on and celebrating the warm days.

In Marinette where the Menominee River divides Wisconsin from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan two carved youths take the plunge, but I'm guessing the water is way too cold to swim in for live people.

Crossing into the U.P. there is less art to see, but besides lots of trees and big lake views you can catch Wimpy from Popeye hanging out on the corner in Escanaba.

This is my second trip up to Yooper country in the last two weeks, and yesterday afternoon I finished up appointments in Marquette and headed to Manistique for the night with a hiking stop along the way.  I busted out my Canon 70D and put on my hiking shoes for the first time in many months and have real photos to share tomorrow and a whole day off to explore today!

Lighthouse in Manistique, Michigan

Manistique Water Works