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Monday, April 10, 2017

Mayville Post Office Mural

Still not a lot of time for adventures, though I have been able to cut down from working 2 jobs 7 days a week to working 2 jobs 6 days a week.  A few more weeks to train a new hire and I will be cutting the apron strings with my old job...I swear!


While driving from Waupun to Mayville the other day I saw this great old truck in someone's front yard.


Even better was the dinosaur duo who apprehended the Easter Bunny.


Look carefully and you will see me reflected in the doors of the Mayville Post Office.


I had to stop in and see the Post Office mural that I missed when Wayne and I checked out the town back in 2013. 


I have to admit I don't remember what town I saw this mural in, but it is an especially nice one so I included it even though I can't credit it. I have a few posts to write and will get them up over the next few days, now that I only work 6 days a week and all.  Linking up to Monday Mural.


  1. I like the Dinosaur with the Easter bunny. You found some great murals too

  2. I love the post office mural. True WPA art and so hard to find. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.