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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Downtown Portland Mural Trio

I'm a bit late to get to the Monday Mural Linkup so I'll have to make this one quick!

When I was on my way to meet Linda I swung through Portland the night before.

I saw a few murals so of course I pulled over and plugged a few quarters into the meter.

I didn't find names for any of the murals, but apparently over the last few years they've had mural festivals where over 50 murals have gone up.  Get out and walk around if you're in Portland, unfortunately I only had 20 minutes but I saw these and some other things as well that I will share later.


  1. Great murals Pam, lucky for us that you stopped to have a look. My favourite is the third one of the lady in presumably a bridal dress (probably advertising the shop). Thanks for participating.

  2. They´re all beautiful - looking forward to see more.