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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Different View

On my most recent trip to Sturgeon Bay in Door County I decided I wanted a different view and walked beside the bridge instead of on the bridge.

There is a little marina that I accessed across the street from the Door County Maritime Museum and I was able to bend down and peer underneath the bridge at the tugboats lined up outside the museum.

On the piers a few boats were getting geared up for the summer sailing season, including this beautiful wooden one that Wayne would have loved to climb aboard.

But I'm thinking that maybe next time we come up to Door County we should bring the kayaks and go for a paddle through the Sturgeon Bay Canal.  Who knows what views we could encounter? Like the shipwrecks just down the way that we've never made our way over to perhaps.

Benches by the Bay

Paddlers were featured on one of the 25 "Benches by the Bay" that are located around town.  Click this link to see them all and a map to find them on your visit.

Sideview mirror kitty

Back at home Miss Jewel got a different view out the car window when I left her leash and harness on and tucked it under my leg.  Don't worry, when we toot around the neighborhood we only go about 10 mph!  She loves a little spin down to the lake where we get out for a few minutes and then head back home.


  1. Seem to remember my old cat used to love going in my car. Sounds like a very interesting place to take a Kayak to see shipwrecks

  2. That is a great area. We really enjoyed the maritime museum.