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Monday, October 8, 2018

Waupaca Post Office Mural

I found this New Deal art mural at the Waupaca Post Office.  Unfortunately I overwrote the original showing the whole wall when I cropped it, but its location looks the same as all the other Wisconsin Post Office murals right down to its placement over the postmaster door and the bulletin board nearby.

The title is “Wisconsin Countryside” and it was painted by Raymond Redell in 1940.  I've got a few more to follow in the coming Mondays, and a few left to find in Wisconsin before I move away next year!

Linking up to Monday Mural, the host is featuring an IGA with a stunning mural so take a look!


  1. ...I wish that we had some Post Office murals, I've never seen one around here.

  2. Thanks Pam, it's lovely to have murals in the post office.
    Thanks for contributing.

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  4. Such a pleasant sight.
    I like the idea of murals in post offices. Do they all have pictures of local areas?