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Sunday, July 29, 2012

That's My Cory

On Friday our son Cory turned 20. How did that happen?

The first few months of his life was a whirlwind of exhaustion because Cory was a screamer! But in between the lusty howls of colic there were moments of sweetness, and he was definitely a charmer. His sister just adored him and was kissing on him all the time. That child was baptised in saliva! The colic passed, and Cory was on the move...walking by the time he was nine months old and into all kinds of trouble. One day I caught him climbing across the kitchen stove to try to get to something on top of the fridge. Yikes! It wasn't long before we had to buy him one of those kiddie leashes to keep track of him. Some of the Newfoundland relatives even called him the Energizer Bunny!  He would just go and go until he collapsed. We have a lot of pictures of him asleep because it was the only time he held still long enough for me to take them.

Yes, he was hard work...but so worth every exhausting minute! He had the most infectious laugh, and sometimes I felt sorry for him as Wayne tickled him yet again just to hear it. He loved his people and his pets fiercely, sometimes squeezing a little too tightly but he just couldn't help showing physically how much love he was feeling.

Enthusiastic would be the word I'd probably pick to best describe him when he was little.  Whatever he was interested in at the moment, he went after it with an intense energy and a focus that was amazing.  When he was a preschooler it was trains and dinosaurs.

Over the years the object of his fascination would change, but that focus would stay the same. He was as easily bored as he was amused, and some of my favorite memories are of how he would ham it up when he had enough of sitting around waiting for the excitement to begin.  Whenever he said or did those quirky things of his I just said, "That's my Cory!" I get the opportunity to still say it sometimes!

He was so kind and generous with others, and had a heart that was so easily bruised when the world was not as kind as he was. He loves everyone in his life, but he's always had a close relationship with his sister, something I was so grateful for since I was an only child and had heard so many other people's sibling stories that didn't turn out as sweetly as theirs did. I feel good knowing that they will have each other through their lives.

I was watching some home movies the other night with Cory and his girlfriend, and it's strange how your heart can be so sad for what is gone and so full of love and pride at the same time. He's all grown up now, and I'm so glad he's becoming as good a man as he was a boy, but in a way to me he'll always be that little boy who could make my heart melt and keep me going doing the incredibly hard but rewarding job of "mom".  Happy Birthday, Cory!


  1. Only could be said as his mother....nice one Pam :)

  2. Aw. Sometimes I'll dream of my son as a toddler, and waking up is such a weird mix of relief and grief.

    Happy Birthday, Cory!

  3. VERY cute post! BTW, I have a daughter named Corrie. I really love the picture of him asleep on the table - priceless!

    1. That's our favorite picture of him. It says it all.

  4. Great tribute to Cory. I'm with Diana on that picture -- it is priceless.