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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thank you, President Obama

I saw this on my daughter's Facebook page to celebrate August's arrival. I thought it would be a great way for me to start off my August posting as well. Thank you Eau Claire College Democrats for posting this, and thank you, Mr. President, for taking steps to make affordable health care an option for more women!


  1. I,too, am grateful even though I am no longer in the market for birth control. But, it's something every woman should have access to. It shouldn't have taken this long!

  2. I have a very wise friend who used to say, "You can pay me now or you can pay me later."

    1. I agree that nothing good in life is free! It's hard to remember all the little people who aren't as lucky as we are. I welcome higher taxes if it helps women afford health care that they otherwise wouldn't have access to. A friend of mine recently told me her story of how her doctor used to give her a year supply of samples of birth control because she was a single mother who couldn't afford $30 a month for it because she was barely affording to feed herself and her children. That doctor's generous gesture kept her (or the taxpayers) from having another mouth to feed, clothe and take to the doctor. If the system changes so that our whole health care system reforms even more than this, cost will become less of an issue. When I was sick in Canada I got a bottle of Ceclor antibiotic out of pocket, no insurance, for less than $30. The exact same medication stateside would have cost me over $300. Taxes are higher there, but it more than makes up for it if the price is reduced by such an incredible amount and everyone has access to medication and treatment. The way health care costs have spiraled out of control is something that needs to change and this is one of the first steps toward fixing a bad system.