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Monday, May 20, 2013

Black River Falls Post Office

While we were in the area I took advantage of the opportunity to stop in and see the New Deal mural in the US Post Office at Black River Falls.  This oil on canvas mural is entitled "Lumbering–Black River Mill" and was painted by Frank E. Buffmire in 1939.

For a list of New Deal and WPA art in Wisconsin, follow this link.  To see the post office mural from Lake Geneva, click here.  In my post on the Lake Geneva post office mural I mention my "treasure" hunting and the sculptures of John Lopez.  We decided this weekend that our first trip after my shoulder heals will be to Blue Mounds State Park in Minnesota with a side trip to Sioux Falls to see some of his sculptures in August!  We'll spend a few days in Minnesota and then a few more days in Yankton, another place I'm excited to see thanks to the TV show "Deadwood".  These new plans help ease the pain of the cancelled trip to Bayfield that would have focused on kayaking.

If you find the New Deal murals interesting, see if you can find similar murals in your state, and of course head on over to Mural Monday to see murals from around the country and around the world!


  1. I missed you previous post, so had to look back and then search WPA...
    This seems to have held up nicely over the years.

  2. It's wonderful and it is so nice that it has been maintained.

  3. Only ever been in one American Post Office and I can't remember if it had a mural in it.

  4. Just knew by the style this was WPA art. It really speaks to a long gone era that really appeals to me. I don't think all old post offices have murals, but those that do should be honored and preserved. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.