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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Aww, Nuts!

Not much going on today except a trip to the gym to meet with a personal trainer for me, and Wayne and his buddies are still working on that hole in the ground in the back yard.  This morning it was filled with snow before they started filling it with more gravel.

Wayne's been getting lots of exercise this week filling in the hole he maybe had his buddy dig a little too deep.  Cory's fracture is healing nicely and he met with the trainer yesterday to get started lifting some weights.  He's also cut his soda intake down to a can a day!  It's all about our health here suddenly, Katrina better be prepared to join the trend when she moves in next weekend.

Wayne should just cover the whole back yard in something like an airplane hanger in order to get everything in, right?  I told you it was crazy back there.  See the little shed the new one is replacing?  Useless for anything but a lawn mower and a couple of shovels.

Pontoon boat, fifth wheel and Grandpa's little fishing boat

I was curious about what my evaluation with the trainer would reveal and was a little relieved when she said my overall strength was better than she would have expected "for a runner".  Runners are notorious for neglecting overall strength training and I don't make a specific effort with weights, just a half-hearted attempt now and then on the machines when I go to the gym.  My core is a little weak, but not as bad as she expected.

The key to my unintentional success?  HIKING!  Lugging all that camera equipment up and down over uneven terrain has done a lot for strength, flexibility and even helped keep my core in pretty good shape.  We're going to kick it up a notch of course and make things even better, I'm not paying her for 10 sessions for nothing!

sunnier days when I met this squirrel

A surprise that I did get was when we were discussing nutrition she asked if I'd had my bone density tested when I mentioned not being a milk drinker.  She said her results came in a little low and she doesn't do much dairy so her holistic doctor recommended increasing leafy greens and adding in some nuts.  Guess what?  Her bone health increased, without taking calcium supplements or drinking milk.  Take that, Dairy Council!  Turns out that hiking and trail mix are mostly all a gal really needs for good overall health.  How many squirrels have you seen with osteoporosis?  Apparently horses love acorns, and of course eat lots of grasses.  Their bones look strong to you?  I'm picking up some turnip greens and bok choy next week when we're in Milwaukee next weekend, and maybe I'll stock up on nuts too.  Trader Joe's has a great nut selection.

More Milwaukee architecture tomorrow!


  1. Good for you for working toward better health. We do very little dairy. Our "milk" of choice is Silk Almond Milk. Love that stuff! Good to know it's helping with the calcium.

  2. Hmmm not sure I go with any of that. Best training you could get is would be to go help Wayne with the hole he is filling, I take it that is the new shed.

  3. I knew about the leafy greens, but not the nuts. Good tip