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Sunday, November 30, 2014

No Flies on You

A quick word about the cabins at Tippecanoe River State Park.  While a they are a bargain at $35 night the unheated cabin was difficult to heat with just one space heater the first night and it turned out that the mattresses were a little moldy under the plastic fitted sheet they put on.  If mold is an issue, best check with the individual park and see how new their mattresses are.

icy morning warmed up fast

Also, the shower building is closed and there is no water on so I was brushing my teeth on the side of the road with a jug of water and by the time I left this morning I was feeling a little ripe after not having showered since Thanksgiving night.  Things to remember to check in to before winter camping!

Yesterday I chose the hiking trail that makes its way to the Tippecanoe River, after all, that's what they named the park.  Must be worth seeing, right?

necessity is the mother of invention

I finally figured out how to "holster" my camera while hiking so I can reach it quickly and so it's not swinging around or putting extra weight on my neck.   Aren't I clever?  So easy to unclip the backpack strap and I'm all ready to shoot!

pine needles make nice trail padding

The morning warmed up quickly and before long I was hiking without my gloves and enjoying the sunny day.  There were even a few fungi still out and about.

Hiking with my camera is the perfect activity for me.  The exercise is good for the body and releases those endorphins which spurs the creativity needed for the photography.  And I exercise my brain too as my head fills with all kinds of scientific questions.  What kind of tree is that?  Why is this river wide but runs so slow?

No need to ask if there were ever any beaver in the area.  Did I tell you about the show I watched on Nature about the beavers?  It was really good.  Sometimes changing the landscape through animal activity is a good thing.  Beavers can help increase water in areas that desperately need it if they are reintroduced.

Maybe some one can tell me what kind of bird leaves behind a feather like this one I found.

The nice thing about the leaves being off the trees is I kept catching views of the river I might otherwise not have seen through all the vegetation.  Some nice reflections and a thin coat of ice kept the view from being boring.

This morning I drove from Winamac to the cabin Sharon and I rented in the Red River Gorge area.
I stopped at Trader Joe's in Lexington to get some supplies and now can't wait to explore that city on my way back home.  One last look at the river first.

Even though it's been 3 days since I've had a shower Sharon hasn't complained that I'm stinky since I arrived a few hours ago.  However when I commented on the little flies hanging around me as I sit here typing (it was almost 70F here today!) she did say maybe it's because I haven't bathed since there aren't any hanging around her.  Hmmm, maybe it's time I took a bath.

sneak peek at Hillbilly Heaven

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  1. I am still thinking about your camera holder...and while I am thinking, I really like the padded pine needle trail photo.