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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Columns and Arches Galore at the Loyalty Building

If you'd like to see the pictures below clearer and sharper click on the image, for some reason Blogger is doing that thing where they don't look as clear in the body of the post again.

While I was doing my final research into my 3 hotel picks I discovered that the Hilton Garden Inn aka the Loyalty Building was not available on the dates I wanted.

striking mix of light and dark

Now I'm glad I took the time to wander around and spend some time trying to get some shots from new angles.

brassy and bright

I took the stairs up and stopped on each level to check out the view.  The openings have glass windows, I guess they didn't want to attract "jumpers".

five story grand atrium

I spent a few minutes chatting with a housekeeper about how the just don't make 'em like they used to.  I'm so glad places like this make the restoration efforts so we can keep enjoying them.  This building was an office building for many years but in 2012 after renovation reopened as a hotel.

Columns go with everything

The bitter cold continues here in Wisconsin.  I spent a couple of hours online last night ordering up some new wool and down coats from Nordstrom online to try on before our getaway.  Free shipping and free returns means I don't have to drive an hour to a stand in a tiny dressing room in a store where they might not even have my size.  If I'm going to be walking around Milwaukee for a couple of hours in the cold I'd like a longer coat to block that wind.

tile floor has withstood over a century of footsteps - can you imagine coming here to work in your office?

I also ordered a bunch of Smartwool socks, tights (great under pants!) and even a scarf from Sierra Trading Post.  If you sign up for DealFlyer you get extra discounts and I end up paying $5-10 a pair   which is a steal.I stocked up for both myself and Katrina because I'm sure her socks are getting as thin as mine are.

So, I've decided on the Hotel Metro for our trip.  Their rooms are really mini suites, the attention to allergy concerns and other "green" features are top notch, and their online menu for their restaurant looks like food we'll eat at a price we can live with.  It's on the same block as the Pfister and within easy walking distance to the Milwaukee Art Museum, City Hall, and most everything on my list at least during the daytime.  I only hope the wind and snow decide not to make an appearance while we're trying to get around on foot!

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