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Friday, January 9, 2015

Frosting is Delicious and Dangerous

WhenWayne and I were in Milwaukee in November you know I searched out cupcakes.  One place we stopped was the Comet Cafe.  Their cupcakes looked good, but larger than I was looking for.  Can't buy a variety if the cupcakes are almost the size of a cake.

We did return the next morning for breakfast there, and it was good, just not great.  What was great was the sign on the outside of the building.

Classy Girl Cupcakes is where I ended up indulging my sweet tooth.  The cupcakes were a more manageable size, plus the variety was dizzying.

Unfortunately the cupcake binge that started in Milwaukee carried in to the sugar cookie binge of the holidays, not to mention the pizza and chocolates have increased in frequency in an effort to trigger my "reward center" since outdoor exploration is not on the menu and the winter blues are trying to take hold.  Did you know a Gigi's cupcake has more fat and calories than a chili cheese dog?  They use a ton of frosting.  Thankfully the ones I ate in Milwaukee aren't quite that bad.

All this has led to an extra 5 pounds (don't groan or roll your eyes) that while not disastrous does mean I don't have any jeans that fit and most of my tops are not very comfortable either.  Since my weight has been so consistent for so many years I really don't have any "fat" clothes like I did in the old days.  The struggle to get back off the sugar roller coaster is as real as quitting smoking or other addictions.  Wish me luck, or at the very least some distractions to keep me away from the carbs.

The weather this week here in Wisconsin is so bad I don't want to leave the house even to warm up the car, forget about hiking outside.  I have been going to the gym regularly, but haven't been running due to cold related increased asthma and knee issues.  On Sunday the wind will finally die down and the temps will reach 25F so maybe I'll layer up and go for a hike....maybe.  I see the weather is bad everywhere, but it will be almost 50F in Pickens, South Carolina by Sunday.  That is where I'll be hiking the first week of February with a few stops along the way.  Can't wait!


  1. Oh, boy, do I ever know about gourmet cupcakes. Bob does accounting for Sugar Belles Cakes in Boerne, Texas. Sometimes he brings home cupcakes. My absolute favorite are the Cherry Chocolate cupcakes. I've never had a cupcake make my mouth feel good until I had one of those. I don't know what she puts in them, but that is my cupcake of choice.

    As for the weight gain and losing weight.Ugh. I'm with you on that too. Haven't been doing as much Volksmarching because of working and the cold weather.

    I hope you get a chance to go out on Sunday. Thanks for the blog about winter over-indulgence.

  2. You just need to get back outside and climb back on the wagon.

  3. Well you made me feel better too. The sugar thing is a huge problem for me. It really is like trying to quit smoking only that was easier for me years ago. I have the nothing fits me problem. Everything is too tight. Plus don't you just feel blah and weighted down? I hate it but those cupcakes look soooo good. Why haven't these great scientists created a pill to up the metabolism to deal with this stuff. Or why didn't the creator make me 5'10" so I'd have more places to put what I love to eat? Good luck on the exercise, it sure seems to take a lot to get off even one pound.