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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Yellowstone Flashback - The Wildlife

The following is part of a series of posts about the trip Wayne and I took to Yellowstone National Park in 2009.

It's not all bison at Yellowstone.  Everywhere we went we saw a variety of wildlife including elk and mule deer...

and even a coyote making his way across the valley.

The Fishing Bridge campground had bison filing right through the parking lot, but Wayne was just as happy sitting outside the camper and hand feeding the chipmunk peanuts.  I kept telling him he shouldn't feed the wildlife but he wouldn't listen to me.

When we were exploring the Lamar Valley we came across these mules all packed and ready to go, probably for a guided fishing trip.  I thought they made a nice composition.  It got me wondering what it would be like to see the landscape from horseback, but since I haven't ridden in 30 years I'll probably stick to hiking.

Down by Yellowstone Lake we saw a bald eagle, and it was pretty easy to spot fish in the Yellowstone River too.  The only thing we didn't see was bears and wolves.  Have to leave something for the next trip, right?

Well, that wraps up my series of posts about Yellowstone.  We didn't do any hikes except up and down a few of the popular viewpoint trails at the Grand Canyon.  I have a book on my Amazon wish list of the hikes in the park and look forward to getting back there and trying some of them out!

Linking up to Saturday's Critters.  While I was catching up on Eileen's blog I caught a post of hers about Pic Monkey's website which answered the question of how everyone was doing those photo collages.  I'll post about my cameras I tested using collages tomorrow! 


  1. I love Yellowstone, it is an awesome place to see wildlife.. Your critters are wonderful, great photos from your trip! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  2. I've never been to Yellowstone. Is that a mule deer in the photo? I don't know the difference between the deer that live in our woods and a mule deer, I guess. Beautiful creatures, aren't they! Thanks for sharing the photos. From one Wisconsinite to another... :-)

  3. Wonderful photos! I'd love to visit Yellowstone one day.

  4. Great photos. We saw tons of bison, elk and deer and even black bears but no grizzlies or wolves. And that's OK by me. They just get in trouble when they get close to us. We do something stupid and they get blamed. Would love to know how to do collages without picasa whom I don't trust.

  5. LOVE this post! I wish we could get to Yellowstone! I would love to show all that wildlife to our grandson. We saw some great animals on our Colorado trip but still are missing some experiences! :-)

  6. These are some awesome animals that you captured! I never got to see that part of the world! As for the collages, I use photoscape ( for mine.

  7. Until I read your post I'd always thought that a bison was something you washed your fice in.....
    Super photos, lovely post.
    I think you're right to give the mule and horse riding a miss.

    Have a good week

  8. Yellowstone is my favorite park. I love all the variety and the wildlife. Thanks for the memories!!