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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Turkey Run State Park on Ice

Just steps from where we parked the car at the Inn at Turkey Run State Park is the trailhead for Trail #6.  The trail is really just a short path down through the hemlock trees to the sandstone ledges in the ravine where apparently turkeys once roosted.

I'm finding it hard to picture turkeys roosting in this spot, but the exposed sandstone is beautiful and the bridge built overhead ain't too shabby either.

Old highway bridge over Turkey Run 

We had to be careful and watch out for slippery spots.  I was almost a goner when I slid a few inches on some ice that was covered in a dusting of snow coming down the side of the ravine.  Cory somehow didn't slip at all even though he was wearing loafers.

 We went out and bought him some Keen hiking boots at Gander Mountain the other day.  He's in trouble now, I'll be dragging him all up and down the mountains soon now that he'll be outfitted properly.

I loved the icicles hanging off the ledges, this was the kind of thing I was hoping to see on this trip.  It seems like all I have to do is make a wish list sometimes and then I easily find just what I wanted.  Maybe I should wish for harder things?  This park would be great for Wayne and I to return to with the fifth wheel for a long weekend to hike the trails which look really interesting but besides this little path I did not have time to check them out.

Turkey Run flowing under the ice

I got up this morning before Cory and checked out the Narrows Covered Bridge, the Cox Ford Covered Bridge which bookend the park property and then took a quick look at the campground before we had to move on to our next destination.

site 105

A few sites looked big enough for the fifth wheel, including the 55 foot pull through space in site #105.  Most sites are 45-50 feet long.  They are adequately spaced but not as roomy as some state parks.  The ones in the woods on small loops were very nice but we would never fit in those, I especially liked site 34 but it's only 48 feet long.  Maybe Wayne will tell me we can fit after all if we park off to the side.

I'm sure somebody out there is saying to themselves, "Umm, hello?  Where are those covered bridges you mentioned?"  You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see! 


  1. Looks like a really interesting place!

  2. OMG - my parents used to bring me here and to nearby McCormicks Creek when I was a kid. I loved it there. I haven't thought about this place in years. Now I'm gonna have to plan a road trip!

  3. I have Keen hikers, but I would be leery of slipping and tripping and tumping over on iced over surfaces. Really pretty to look at, tho!

  4. Love the Icicles you took would love to see those. We had snow here yesterday but it was just a dusting.
    Thanks for visiting my other blog as you might have guessed I only write it now and again

  5. Nice. I clicked on your campground link - 12 to 29 for a site. That's quite a range. I'll take a $12 site, please.

  6. Beautiful pictures of your hike in the snow and ice. I loved looking at them and a part of me says I'd love to be there with you to see that lovely bridge and the water and icicles. But the other part of me says "do you know HOW cold it is there you wuss".