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Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Walk to Camden

When Wayne left to go retrieve our truck from Quirk Chevy I set off for a walk in to downtown Camden.  It was a little over a mile and a half each way from the campground and I got to get a closer look at some of the stone walls.


 My favorite was the one in front of Gray Rocks, which is for sale if you're interested.  Views of the harbor and unseen from the main road, the 21 acre estate can be yours for the bargain price of $2,450,000.

I was happy to enjoy their rock fence and the great lichen living on it for the cost of nothing.

Less grand, though still lovely, homes line Hwy 1, including this lovely Cape Cod with the turquoise door.

The flower beds seem more lively here in New England, and we were just in time for the hydrangeas.

Some gardens had a "cheeky" appearance.

Everywhere along the roadside I saw the invasive Ornamental Jewelweed whose flowers are shaped like the Jewelweed I'm used to seeing but at about 10 times the size.  It's an invasive, but it can invade all it wants to in my opinion because the large purple blossoms were fantastic.

Goldenrod season is in full swing and it gets a bad rap by some people, so I'm going to set the record straight. If you have allergies don't blame goldenrod, which is insect pollinated, not wind-borne.  It flowers at the same time as do several species that do bother allergy sufferers such as ragweed but is too heavy to be the culprit floating around causing misery.

The Norumbega Inn was built in 1886 and was converted in to a B&B.

The large property with ocean views includes a gazebo and some interesting garden accents.

I darted in and out of the shops down by the harbor, but all I bought was two barrettes to hold my hair back off my face and a t-shirt for Cory that I'm sure he'll appreciate.

I sat on the bench at the public library overlooking the harbor and talked to Katrina on the phone for half an hour before heading back.  I got to the campground just five minutes after Wayne did, and I was glad I'd taken the time to see Camden's main street from a slower point of view than the passenger seat of a car.

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  1. Hmmm, maybe I'll make an offer on that already-bargain price. (hah!) I've always liked Camden and nearby Rockport. First time we ever saw a Belted Galloway was there.