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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bennington Moose - Chocolate and Painted

Walking around downtown Bennington we saw a few things, including a little bit of architecture.

A surprising flag on the street pole.

And you know, the ass end of a moose wearing a pair of rubber boots.  The standard stuff.

We had to keep our eyes open, because the moose were even up on the roofs.

Imagine looking up and catching sight of this guy unawares!

My favorite moose was the one in front of the Bennington Fire Department.  Though I don't know what the residents thought when I started kissing the moose.  I just couldn't help myself, he was so handsome in his hat and boots!

Even the Village Chocolate Shop got in on the act.  Benny's been hanging around since Moosefest in 2005.  He was lonely so they added Molly for Moosefest 2009. They weigh one hundred pounds each, can you believe that?

That's a lot of chocolate to eat, so they sell smaller ones that are easier to walk out the door with.

 The shop also sells t-shirts and other merchandise, and I agree with their green philosophy.

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Moosefest doesn't happen every year (darn it!), which is probably a good thing or I'd be burning up the miles every year to attend.  I do love public art festivals/auctions like this though, if you've seen one this year let me and maybe I'll drive out for a look.

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  1. Many towns have that decorated animal around but the places they put the moose was great! Very clever and it keeps you looking!! Yum! Love the chocolate moose:)