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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Starlite Trail to Campbell's Lake

Another recommendation that Alice from the Grand Codroy RV Park made for me was to check out the Starlite Trail.  I left Wayne behind at the campground to do a few minor repairs on the fifth wheel and I drove a few miles to the access road just past Hwy 407 on the TCH.

The trail leads up the mountain where at a junction you can go to the left and continue up the mountain or go to the right to a lake.

I first chose the mountain fork where I also found a spur trail that led up to the IATNL, Newfoundland's own long distance trail that is still a work in progress.

Once up the steep spur I got a great view of the Codroy Valley.

After half a mile or so I turned back and retraced my steps to check out that lake.  It felt great to be out on a sunny day in Newfoundland and I wasn't in a hurry for it to end!

I followed a set of moose tracks most of the way, but once again did not see any.

I did see lots of the season's last wildflowers including Goldenrod, Aster and Pearly Everlasting.

I also saw amazing mountain views and I got more and more excited to see where the trail was taking me.

If not for those views I might have turned back.  The black flies were biting me and if I had only known a bit more about what misery I would later face I most definitely would have turned back.  I would look down and see the nasty buggers crawling on me and shoo them off, but I got bit really good on the neck, behind my ears, on my wrist and even two on the palm of my hand!  A week later they still flare up and itch and that day big welts surrounded the bite area and I felt like digging right through my skin to get rid of them.  June and July are apparently more common for these pests, a word to the wise for anyone considering travel to the island.

The trail is under there somewhere

At times the trail was practically nonexistent.  I pushed through bushes and gripped the rocks and roots to keep my balance as I crept along the steep sided trail.  The next day the muscles in the arches of my feet were not very happy, but it only lasted a day.

Every time I got discouraged I rounded a bend and got another glimpse of what awaited me, including a you see it in the picture above?

I had a laugh at the bridge across the creek, but luckily the gap was narrow and I just stepped right across next to the bridge.

The view of the trail going up climbing out of the creek wasn't as funny, but there was plenty to hold on to as I climbed upward.  I kept thinking it was a good thing my mother couldn't see my scaling those hillsides, she worries even though I tell her I don't do anything if it feels possibly dangerous.

Once up I got rewarded when I spotted the fruit of some Trillium.  Cool!  And a few minutes later....

Wow, right?  It turns out the Starlite Trail is one of the top 8 treks in Newfoundland.  By my estimation the round trip trek to the lake and back was a little under 4 miles.

That is what a happy hiker looks like, right?

The trail just kind of ended at the water so in spots I had to step off the bank to continue around a bit.  In the picture I look like I'm performing a miracle, walking on water!

After all that hard work I peeled off my boots and socks and soaked my feet in the cool water for a bit, but without a sandy bottom I couldn't go walking around in it.

I hung around for awhile, scanning the opposite shore and and mountainside for wildlife.

But the only thing wild out there was me.  I'll tell you about the other hike that's on that Top 8 list that I tackled in tomorrow's post.


  1. What a neat hike! Love all the water:) Black flies are the worst. You must really allergic like me.

  2. Wow, Pam, you sure are adventurous.........been a long time since I been in there but I knew you would appreciate it! Alice