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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hiking the Cataloochee Divide to Gooseberry Knob

Before we had to part ways on Thursday Sharon and I drove over to the Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center at Purchase Knob.  Lots of Catawba rhododendron and other things to see along the way.

The views from Purchase Knob are outstanding, I would love to come back in the fall sometime with Wayne to see it ablaze with color.

I got the view from the deck of the Learning Center and imagine my surprise when I turned around and got a reflected view of myself!

Boots laced and packs secured, off we went down the Cataloochee Divide trail in search of Gooseberry Knob.

Part of the journey took us through a tunnel that will be stunning when it blooms.

As we neared Gooseberry Knob we started seeing Carolina Silverbell which is in bloom now and its lovely petals lined the path above and below us.

The areacia on Gooseberry Knob is actually owned by the Swag resort but they are kind enough to share it with humble hikers like us.  We appreciated the chairs to rest in, the cooling breeze and the fact that we have strong legs to get us there.

View from Gooseberry Knob

What goes up must also go down, but the Swag provided a lovely view for the start of our downward trek.

Along the trail we found more wildflowers than I could have hoped for including some Mayapple in bloom and more Squawroot than you could shake your hiking stick at.  Sharon told me the bears love it, so the fact that there was so much of it around perhaps meant the area was currently bear-free?



I found out that one of Sharon's favorite wildflowers is the teeny Bluet which lined the trail in abundance.

The bears love squawroot, Sharon loves Bluets...what about me?  I love Painted Trillium and there were so many photo worthy subjects that I have to do a separate post!  Until then, enjoy the evening mountain view from Maggie Valley one last time.

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