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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween

Back in the day I used to dress up for Halloween.

Hobo Pam 1976

My mother tended towards homemade costumes and when my kids dressed for Halloween I did my best to carry on that tradition even though I was not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination.  My work featured fabric paint, face paint and spruced up Goodwill finds.

Cory's homemade Pikachu costume.
Love my stapled on painted cardboard tail? 
Katrina's cobbled together Madeline costume, no sewing!

I'm stocked up on candy, but probably won't see any of the kiddies all dressed up because even though I only work 2 days a week I always seem to work when they come knocking.  Wayne is off work tomorrow though and I know he enjoys it immensely.  Maybe he'll bring the kittens outside on their leashes to entertain the trick or treaters.

Spotted while walking in McHenry, Illinois

Perhaps instead of making people costumes I should put my thinking cap on and come up with costumes for the cats we adopted this year?  It's a thing, google it if you want a good laugh.

Richmond, Illinois

A tradition I have not carried on is decorating my home for the holidays very much.  I have a dislike for creating extra work for myself though I enjoy the creativity and effort that others put into it.  Newfoundlanders especially seem to get into decorating for All Hallows Eve I noticed while we were visiting last week.

Halloween greetings from Blaketown, Newfoundland

That being said I am considering undertaking a yard decorating project featuring Pokemon this year for Christmas.  But let's get through this holiday first and see what happens.  Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween hope you enjoy what you can of it if your working

  2. Love the Pikachu costume! I don't decorate at all any more - not even pumpkins. We get so few trick or treaters that it isn't really worth it.