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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lisa's Murried!

That is not a misspelling in the tile, or at least that is the way Lisa spells it! Lisa is sister to "young" Tommy who just was visiting us down in the good old USA, and in 1998 Lisa visited us as well.

She came a stayed the summer, helping me out with the kids so I could go to work.  We took her all around while she was visiting, our most memorable outing was at a Wild West park in Illinois where I paid to have her arrested.  Was she some mad at me!  She refused to pay the fine of singing "I'm a little teapot" and busted out of jail.

Lisa with Katrina and Cory, 1998

Cory and Katrina adored her, and still do!

Cory and Lisa, 1998

So 18 years later here we are in Newfoundland to see her get married to her long time sweetheart.

Wayne's brother top left, one of his sisters on the bottom right

Friday evening the guests were gathered and the flower girl and ring bearer were waiting.

Everyone was waiting for the bride, of course, and just like at my wedding almost 27 years ago they were waiting because the bridesmaids were having to do some last minute alterations of the bride's dress.  Perhaps that happens at every wedding!

A grand time was had by all, here's my video tribute to the happy couple. I'm so glad we came!

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