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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rode Microphone Review - A Real Winner!

It's not very often that I am blown away...well, sometimes in the Midwest wind is a factor, I must admit.

Choppy water on Lake Michigan at Harrington Beach State Park

A few weeks ago I bought a Rode VideoMic Go attachment for my Canon DSLR but haven't had an opportunity to test it out.  I'm heading to windy Newfoundland and had to test it out before I go so I drove up to Harrington Beach State Park for a last minute tent trip this past weekend.

All of the reviews I read or watched online were about its use for making videos with people in them, but I was looking for a solution to all that wind noise when out on my adventures.  Take a listen to this video I made at the beach, I about fell off my seat at Starbucks when I compared the two sections!

It attaches easily on the top of the camera and weighs nothing, I never noticed it was there after attaching it and I walked around with it around my neck for another hour after the test shot.

Cory and I touched down in St. John's, Newfoundland tonight, so lots of posts to come from the island.  I'm going to settle in and try to catch up on two months worth of blog reading this week too during my down time, some blogs I am even farther behind so my apologies but I swear I haven't forgotten you all!


  1. That is amazing! Hope you have a great trip, and get lotsa pictures to share!

  2. Not really one for taking videos with my DSLR I feel it's not what it should be used for. I'd be happy if they did one with out it but it works so may be I'll give it a go some time. I just been catching up with your blogs so your not alone

  3. I'm not much of a videographer but am glad you found something that you are so happy with. Thanks for all the catch up comments. I was shocked since that is really hard to do on my blog.