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Friday, August 11, 2017

Historic Ironwood

While in Ironwood, Michigan I stopped at Depot Park where I could stretch my legs between appointments while learning a little bit of history.

The museum was closed, but an information marquee informed me that the depot was built of Lake Superior sandstone back in 1893 and brought travelers and prospective miners to the booming town.
By 1891 there were 6 mines operating in the area, and by 1920 the population had doubled.

Ironwood was an immigrant town, with over 90% of the population having at least one parent born outside the country.  Most were from Finland, Sweden, Poland and England.  By the 1930's the iron boom began its decline for a number of reasons and each decade saw the population decrease.  From its peak of more than 15,000 residents it has now dwindled down to a third of that and now draws visitors for its outdoor sports.

I didn't get a look inside the Ironwood Theatre but hope to on my next visit, and can you believe I missed a mural that pays tribute to the miners also?  You never see it all, even in the small towns!

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