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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pam and Elaine Take to the Road

I'm not the only one tearing up the highways of Wisconsin with eyeglass frames in the back of my vehicle.  My company has two of us covering the territory with the large amount of frame lines that we represent.

I think my glasses are cuter than the ones the elephant is wearing

Just 5 months ago I was the new girl being trained, but now I'm training a new partner in crime and we've hit the road together a couple of times to get her feet wet.  Of course we had to stop for a picture at the Pink Elephant in DeForest.

 And while we were near Madison I was so shocked to discover she hadn't ever visited the Capitol that we had to make a quick side trip to do that as well.

 She is excused from knowing about all these places because she is really an Illinois gal who hasn't been in our fair state long.  Once upon a time (well, 27 years ago...) that was my story as well and now look how well I know Wisconsin!

"The Genius of Wisconsin" one of my favorite sculptures!

I'm sure I haven't discovered all of her secrets yet, but as I bounce around over the next few years with my job I doubt there will be much undiscovered by the time I'm ready to retire my sample bags.

My favorite new discovery is a restaurant in Slinger called Skinny Vic's Diner.  Just two minutes from Highway 41 and a hop, skip and a jump from Menomonee Falls the diner features great breakfast items, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and coffee drinks.  I had the chicken salad with a super fresh mixed greens salad and a vanilla latte to go. Yum!  I couldn't wait to do my part to spread the word, fresh delicious food is something that is hard to find on the road and I want to help everyone find this gem!


Another gem is the Bakery Shoppe in Iron Mountain, Michigan, no salads there just great cookies and donuts and brownies.  Bring your pants with the elastic waist if you plan to visit!

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