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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Feeling Light

I'm so busy these days with work I never even have time to get a haircut! It might have been November the last time I went to the salon in Kenosha...

Sculpture at dusk near access for North Pier Light in Kenosha

I felt so "light" after cutting off inches of hair that I headed out to the North Pier Light in Kenosha to enjoy the windless day.  Temps just under freezing?  No big deal with no wind, I'll take it!

Chin length for the first time in years, feels great!

We've had about a foot of snow here in southeastern Wisconsin over the past week, and with temps consistently below freezing for weeks there isn't much melting going on.

Ice forms along shoreline from wave action - beach actually quite a ways back

If you take the walkway out to the Light make sure to watch your step, a lot of ice built up on those windy days when the water sprays up over the walkway.

It's been a long time since I walked out to the light, and never in the winter.  Everything looked so clean and fresh.  The snow helped, but I noticed last summer that the Light had a pretty fresh looking paint job.

Complete with a little bird, not mention the "smile" sign to remind you that you are under observation.  Still, someone tagged the door with some grafitti unfortunately.

I could hear the ice groaning and moving since the air was so still, I don't think the video picked it up, but here's a short view of the ice moving in the harbor. Click to go to YouTube if you want to see it larger, though the quality isn't that good so really no need.

I saw more ice when I left the pier, I'll share it next post!


  1. Ah that is where the new avatar came from, your selfie. Much as I love the snow and ice I would be a bit wary waling out to the light house. Shame some idiot had to scrawl it's tag on the door

  2. Love your new haircut. Very flattering. Thanks for giving me my snow and ice fix. Right now when it's mid 80's in Florida in FEBRUARY, it looks very very attractive.