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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Art Deco Dreamin'

I had a free day last week so I had my mother meet me to visit some antique malls in Milwaukee that neither one of us had been to before.

She is always on the lookout for dishes and linens, but I am trying to solidify what direction I want our new home in Canada to take.  Our first stop was the Riverview Antique Market where I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their offerings..but my mother was a little appalled by the pricing.

Our current home leans toward Mission style and Arts and Crafts movement, simple and nature inspired like the vases in the pictures above and below. The vase above was so tempting, especially for the price!

And of course there's nothing wrong with being eclectic, so why not throw in some Art Deco pieces?  How amazing are these glass pheasants that were on display next to a lamp?  Talk about delicious!

Upstairs there was a whole booth devoted to Art Deco, which might be the first one I've seen.

How great would this coal box be to set by one of our new fireplaces?  Love the ship design since we will be living on the ocean.

But these clocks really stole my heart, I just might be back for one of them in the spring.

Seriously, I don't even care which one!

And this Ibex was neat, but the fact that it is a planter had me a little wary.  I'd want to see it with a plant in it before I'd decide.

We also visited a great architectural salvage place called Razed and Found which boasted a ceiling from one of the exhibitor pavillions at the 1893 Worlds Fair.  Um, hello!!

While I couldn't afford to take that home with me, how cool would it be to imitate the design for a project?  I was also in love with the golden treasure in the bathtub, but Curly is the mascot is not for sale unfortunately.

A set of heat register grates caught my eye, but they are too heavy to use as decorative pieces. And a bit expensive.

A place like this is heaven to geeks like me.  Don't forget to look up!

Speaking of looking up, antique tin ceiling squares were available, and I've seen a few DIY projects where these are framed and displayed that I may attempt.  But likely I will buy new and distress them myself because you have to worry what type of paint may have been used on the old ones.

Just down the road we stopped into the Ambassador Inn to see if it would be a good spot to have lunch but the lobby had an overpowering scent that was leaking into the restaurant so I had to pass.

So just a quick last look around their lobby as I'll likely never stop by again.

We went to Public Market for lunch and made another stop that I'll share next time.

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  1. With antiques giving so much dust/mold scents, I can never go into the shops which have them. Thanks for taking me on a virtual walk to see these beauties! I think the planter would be my choice, and maybe have some "mother-in-law-tongue" in it. It's hardy and tall and not too much detail to make a simple background for the deer.