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Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Snow and Ice

We got some more snow the other day, just enough to get a good workout in the driveway. I did some shoveling, then Wayne did the rest with the snowblower.  It's nice to see a bit of snow on the trees and on the lake.

After driving down to the lake I stopped at a neighbor's house to enjoy the birds congregating around the feeders he was filling.  I tried getting some shots from the car but only one came out even close to what I was expecting.  I'm thinking my zoom lens just isn't fast enough.  I'm also thinking it's time to get my own bird feeders so I can practice getting bird shots.

This afternoon I chipped away at the ice on half the driveway for half an hour before my aching back made me call it quits.  It started raining pretty hard as I was putting my shovels away.  Wayne is coming back from an ice fishing trip up north this afternoon and I hope the roads won't be too iced up.  Give me snow any day over ice!


  1. Your cardinal shot is beautiful!

  2. Makes the smattering we had fall last night look pathetic. Never seen a Cardinal before.

  3. Love the Cardinal picture. I'll bet the birds would really appreciate it if you'd get a feeder! Poor guys, I don't know why they don't all head south.