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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snow at Last!

It's been snowing for the last few days here, luckily only a little at a time.  February, and snow at last!  Of course that means that the arthritis woke up in my knees last night.  Wayne's comment was that now I know how he's been feeling for the last decade and how am I going to handle it when it gets as bad as his.  My response...we'll be spending winters in the desert by then!

But, while we are still here and we finally have a little snow, I took advantage of the fact that Lake Geneva had  their Winterfest this weekend and darted over on my way to work on Monday to see the snow sculptures.  Not the best day for photography, gray skies and dirty sculptures are much prettier to shoot, but what can you do?

I really liked seeing the snow sculptures after they'd been snowed on, I thought the draping fresh snow added a little something to them. I couldn't pick a favorite, but the leaning egg shaped one spoke to me, as well as the Native American Alaska inspired one.  I liked the concept of the mountain lion in the above picture at the far right, but it just didn't come across well with snow as the medium.

There is a statue down by the lake meant to represent friendship that I'd never noticed before, and only noticed it yesterday because it was kissed with the gently falling snow. I especially liked the hands, but thought the ladies also looked serene yet strong at the same time.

Don't get me wrong, as pretty as the snow is, I'll be happy when it's gone and spring is here.  In two weeks my son Cory and I are going to Shepherdsville, Kentucky, to do a little hiking and sightseeing.  The Weather Channel says average highs are around 50 with lows around 30.  Hope they're right around that this year, it sounds like heaven compared to the 20 degree highs we've been experiencing here the past week!  I'm going to pick up a new camera before we go, probably a Canon sx50 or something similar and can't wait to try it out in a variety of situations to see if it will meet my needs so I don't have to drag around all those extra lenses while hiking.

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  1. Thanks for showing these as I would never go and place myself in such cold weather conditions.

  2. Cool snow sculptures! And I like you shots of the statue lighty dusted with snow.

  3. Those sculptures are just lovely!

  4. I do love the snow sculptures!! Beautiful!! Great captures for the day!

  5. Your knees will hurt in the desert too... from all the hiking :))
    Box Canyon Mark

    1. Mark I sure hope so!!!! That sounds soooo good right now.

  6. Amazing sculptures, great work in that cool weather!

  7. Hahaha! Pan, we are on the same boat, got knee arthritis too.

    Love them snow sculptures!

  8. I like the egg shaped sculpture ... the layer within layer reminds me of the images created with mirrors. You'll like the 50SX ... just remember it is not a DSLR ;-) It's been great not having to lug the DSLRs and lenses around. They'll still go with me on special trips, but I'm delighted with the SX50 for everything else.