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Friday, February 22, 2013

No Shepherds Here

Yesterday we drove from the Illinois-Wisconsin border to Sherpherdsville just south of Louisville in Kentucky.  It started raining about 10 minutes before we arrived and rained most of the night, but what do we care?  We were snug in our little KOA cabin for only $57 a night and slept like babies.  The campground is like most KOA parks I've been to, but they do have a nature trail on the property which is a nice bonus.

This morning I left Cory sleeping and made tracks for the nature trail  that leads to a "cave" formed by a rock outcropping that was reported to have been used by the Native Americans as far back as 16,000 B.C. There was some soggy sights along the way.


Saw a crane low over the trees and that led me to this serene spot.

I'm still fooling around with the settings on my new camera and finally found the white balance and auto bracketing functions just in time to spy some fungi!

The rock outcropping ain't much, but it was definitely drier than everywhere else here this morning!

When I climbed up onto the top of the "cave" I discovered it was located right behind our cabin!  My hiking boots are muddy, I saw not another soul on my walk...great way to start the day!  Now if we can only find a Starbucks on our way to the Bernheim.....


  1. Great shots for a rainy day! Looks like your new camera is working well for you.

  2. Like the shelf fungi, but not the rain. Thanks for the reminder on the Smokies. I have Pigeon Forge on my list for some point of interest and I'll make a point of the Great Smokies. There is an app for Starbucks. (;^)

    1. The nearest Starbucks is 16 minutes water for tea would be cold by then! Guess I'll have to have it in the car on the run. We're on our way to that area for some dinner and shopping here soon.