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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Before the Rain

Yesterday storms were forecasted to move in to the area and I was so busy lounging around the house enjoying my day off that I almost waited too long to go for a walk.

A five minute drive to the Hebron Trail provided me with a quiet place to stretch my legs and put in 3 miles before the rain came in.  I brought my umbrella just in case but got lucky and spent an hour walking between the farms that line the trail from Genoa City, Wisconsin to Hebron, Illinois.

The rain started not long after I was done and this morning everything is glistening and green.  I ordered some fertilizer for my neglected perennial bed on Gardens Alive! and got it all distributed yesterday before my walk.  My plants seemed a little starved for attention last year so this year I'll make sure they get it.

Bleeding Heart - 40mm+12mm extension tube

Today I'm heading out to Avon Bottoms State Natural Area, a place I've been wanting to check out for a couple of years now.  I wonder what I'll find as I wade around in my rubber boots?

Wild Geranium - 40mm+12mm extension tube


  1. It could be worse, Snowing here in Lovely Ouray…

  2. Seems we are all getting rained on, but we had snow, sleet, and hail mixed with our rain yesterday. Love the colorful flowers:) Have fun wondering in your rubber boots:)

  3. Nice to see your bleeding heart photo. We had a Western Swallowtail ALL OVER our bleeding hearts today. That was something to see. Grand ol' farm picture, too!