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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Split Rock Lighthouse

We didn't want to pay the exorbitant prices they were charging to get in to the Split Rock Historic Lighthouse, or pay for a Minnesota State Park sticker just to have a quick look at it either.  I knew there had to be a way around the situation, and when I checked Google maps I noticed the Gitchi-Gami State Bike Trail ran right in to the park.

Sure enough, there was a place to park less than half a mile from the park entrance and we walked right in to the park on the bike trail.  Being too adventurous for sticking to the paved path we cut down the embankment and Wayne picked up two ticks for his trouble, but luckily he saw them before they embedded.

Wayne schooled Cory in the fine art of going sideways down a hillside

Within 15 minutes we were down on the shore, getting a fine late afternoon view.  Unfortunately all I had with me was my 10-22mm lens so everything looks farther away than it really was.

I kept going on the beach, leaving Wayne and Cory behind in an effort to get close enough to see the lighthouse in my shot.

I knew I'd just have to come back on Tuesday morning bright and early with my zoom lens to try to get some better shots.  So I picked up my mom at 5:30 a.m. and we were back down on the beach by 6:15.  While I was too late for first light, I was right on time for some wispy fog that was just as photogenic.

That was the first shot out of the camera as I rounded the corner, can you believe it?  No editing in any of these shots, I was quite happy with what I got for how little preparation went in to getting there and getting them.  Could I have gotten better ones by bracketing and using Photoshop?  Absolutely, but someone would have to show me how first! (hee hee)  One of these days I'll get ambitious enough to learn.

After I walked away I turned back and the sun was trying to break through the clouds.  It was really too bright for color photography, but changing it to black and white produced a striking image.

I just loved the color of the lighthouse, so different from the white or red that you usually see.
From the Split Rock Lighthouse website: Completed by the U.S. Lighthouse Service in 1910, Split Rock Light Station soon became one of Minnesota's best known landmarks. Restored to its 1920s appearance, the light station offers a glimpse of lighthouse life in this remote and spectacular setting.

The little island where we accessed the shore was fun to contemplate too.  I bet folks paddle out to it and try to get up there.

More to come from our trip here on the blog, but we made it home yesterday after a long drive across Wisconsin from the northwesternmost point to the southeastern corner.  Let the rounds of laundry begin!


  1. I'm on a mission to see as many lighthouses as I can that are within a day's return journey from Hamilton/Toronto. This one might be a bit too far! I see they have an open house on June 13th - you could go back. It is probably very well kept inside.

  2. I'm partial to wide angle shots anyway :)

  3. Oh, that lighthouse alone would have been divine, but those fog shots are just the best!!

  4. Love those morning lighthouse pictures. It was worth the trip back.