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Monday, May 11, 2015

Poor Jimmy

Part of the 2013 Sheboygan Project , when I saw poor old "Smiling Jimmy" I am afraid to report he had suffered a little bit.  Even when I walked down the steps to the bridge underpass it was easy to tell the area attracts local kids up to mischief so I don't know why they chose that specific spot.

"Smiling Jimmy" was painted by Travis Janssen and is located near the Pennsylvania Ave. bridge that goes over the river.  Artist's Statement: "From humble roots, Jimmy Carter was elected as the 39th President of the United States.  Since leaving office Carter has defined the notion of humanitarianism. Carter has embraced a life of meaningful public service and has been an effective instrument for positive change in the world,in short, a hero."   The painting, unlike most murals, was pretty small but it was kind of like going on a treasure hunt trying to find him.

I think Jimmy's a pretty cool dude too, and Katrina and I really enjoyed our visit to the Jimmy Carter Museum and Library in Atlanta, but apparently the teens who frequent to area aren't as impressed by him.  Linking up to Monday Mural.


  1. Jimmie Carter is an example of what former presidents should do with their time. For all the negative publicity the Clinton Foundation is getting, they certainly are putting the money to worthwhile use helping the poor around the world. A stark contrast to Dubya.

  2. Street art is a fragile expression. Tom The Backroads Traveller