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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Keeping My Eyes Open

On my way back from Avon Bottoms I noticed a few other things along Hwy 81, like a few amusing mailboxes.

There was also a sign for Beckman Mill, so on my way home I took the turn to check it out.   It's a 50 acre county park about six miles west of Beloit that was quite busy with families having picnics or wandering around the grounds.

covered bridge and dam over Raccoon Creek

Tours of the mill are available on weekend afternoons for a $3 admission fee, but I gave it a pass.  The mill is operational with power being supplied by its original 1860s water driven Leffel turbine. In the event alternate power is needed, the mill can be operated by its vintage two-cylinder gasoline engine.

Now that's a saw!

I'm always happier outdoors so I wandered the grounds, heading for the oak savanna in search of more wildflowers.  A raised boardwalk crossed a small wetland area and led to a loop of trails. They were perfect for a short hike with your dog or your kids.

There were some of the flowers I've seen already, then I spotted some of these guys.  Anybody know what they are?

Under the pines there were quite a few Jack in the Pulpit scattered about, but I liked the two that looked like they were having a conversation.  Wonder what they might have to say to each other?

Keep your eyes open when you're on the highway, who knows where it will lead you and what you might see!

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